Research Interest

Salesforce, Sharing and Visibility, Code Architecture, Cybercrime, Dark Web, Social Network Analysis, Software Architecture, Software Engineering, Software Evaluation.


My professional research focuses mostly on cloud infrastructure, primarily on the Salesforce domain. I have given subsequent talks in Cactusforce, a community conference for Salesforce Developers and Architects. My domain of expertise in Data Security (sharing and visibility in Salesforce world) and Code architecture.

My academic research focused on Cybercrime, specifically on Dark Web. I’ve developed a dark web application which extracts and visualize content in order to find illicit and violent extremist information. More details about the research project can be found at my project section of the website. I’ve published multiple papers in 2016 which has been listed below.

I have completed my thesis at the University of Lethbridge. I worked in the area of scientific software and combinatorial optimization under the supervision of Dr. Shahadat Hossain, Associate Professor. My thesis is titled as “Design Structure and Iterative Releases of Scientific Software”. We implemented a DSM partitioning algorithm using sparse matrix data structure CRS, and its timing was better than those obtained from the most widely used C++ library boost. Secondly, we computed several architectural complexity metrics, compared releases and total release costs of a number of open source scientific research software. Finally, we integrated scientific software into a larger system in order to estimate integration effort using COCOMO II model. As a part of research work, I have developed two software: “Statistical Toolkit for Software Code Base (STSCB)” and “Automatic Differentiation using determination of sparse Jacobian matrix(ADDSJM)”.


“Exploring a new Era in the Experience Cloud Data Visibility”, CactusForce Conference 2022, Phoenix, AZ, USA

“Pushing boundaries to architect large scale Experience Cloud utilizing the latest data visibility techniques”, CactusForce__v Virtual Conference, 2021.

“Large Scale Community Cloud Implementation with Advanced Sharing and Security”, CactusForce Conference 2020, Phoenix, AZ, USA



1. Zulkarnine, A. T., Frank, R., Monk, B., Mitchell, J., & Davies, G. (2016, September). “Surfacing collaborated networks in dark web to find illicit and criminal content”. In Intelligence and Security Informatics (ISI), 2016 IEEE Conference on (pp. 109-114). IEEE. PDF

2. Zulkarnine, A. T. & Frank, R (2016, January). “Challenges of studying Tor Network for Illicit and Terrorist Contents”.  In The 4th International Conference on Cybercrime and Computer Forensics (ICCCF), 2016 IEEE Conference. IEEE.


A.Zulkarnine, M.Sc thesis “Design Structure and Iterative Release Analysis of Scientific Software” at the University of Lethbridge. PDF PPT


S. Hossain and A. Zulkarnine, “Design structure of scientific software – a case study, in Invest on Visualization-Proceedings of the 13th International DSM Conference, 2011, pp. 129 141. PDF

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