Served as the lead architect for a Salesforce implementation of an global consumer and commercial product manufacturer ($14B revenue) containing 30K+ employees to boost productivity and reduce overhead of HR team by defining reference architecture, environment strategy, data modelling and source to target mapping, security and sharing strategy, source control branching and deployment model utilizing Gearset, led implementation for service cloud features, custom Apex development for HR Forms, and public knowledgebase using Experience Cloud which improved the HR efficiency by 90% (minutes instead of an hour).

Architected and provided oversight of Mulesoft development for the same global consumer and commercial manufacturer to integrate SAP HCM with Salesforce in order to get HR reference data, HR form validations, employee onboarding and nightly employee updates utilizing system and process API architecture, capturing logs in Splunk and CI/CD to deploy apps in Mulesoft Exchange.

Provided technical leadership in overall development strategy and process for a global direct selling cosmetics company containing 70+ developers across 7+ global teams, comprising of architects, developers, DevOps, QA and platform specialists, by defining standards and policies in a centralized knowledge base for stakeholders to reference covering developer training, IDE setup, modular repository structure for SFDX deployments, code review from the manual checklist, static code analysis and naming conventions.

Led and architected the design of a core cloud (Salesforce) data model to accumulate data from around 14 front offices and 5 Business Intelligence legacy systems of 34 countries located in 5 continents into a single data source for the global cosmetics company by analyzing requirements with the stakeholders, identifying generic fields from the these legacy systems and providing accurate source to target mapping.

Designed and provided strategic direction for code architecture for the global cosmetics company utilizing hybrid separation of concern (SoC) design pattern by enhancing the selector layer of the FFLIB library to include additional filtering functionalities and including a trigger framework to turn on/off activities using configurations after certain DML operations. 

Contributed to the open source Enterprise design pattern framework Financial Force Library (FFLIB) used globally in thousands of Apex development projects by enhancing the default sorting of records considering invalid fields and shield encryption, going through rigorous code reviews and debates with the domain experts.

Established data governance process for the direct selling cosmetics company operating globally comprising of 7+ global teams to streamline core data model changes by introducing architectural review process, Hungarian notation and an aging process of obsolete fields referenced in the applications.

Defined the platform encryption approach for the core data model to protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of distributors, customers and consumers for the global cosmetics company utilizing deterministic and probabilistic algorithms in a Salesforce shield. 

Led technical discussions and gained consensus from multiple stakeholders including client architects, Salesforce product architects , Salesforce R&D and the Perf & Scale team for adopting an enhanced data visibility and sharing approach utilizing data sharing rules and account relationship, which reduced ~50% of custom development by conducting experiments, analyzing and estimating the scale of data volume globally in 14 front offices in 5 continents through complex database queries.

Acted as Subject Matter Expert (SME) and architected a data visibility and security engine for the global direct selling cosmetics company having 3.5 million distributors organized in a complex unit and unit tree hierarchy based on 6 major career levels, accurately surfacing their down-line information containing personal, production, earning and commission data in Salesforce Customer Community, utilizing advanced sharing strategies including sharing sets, public groups and apex based sharing.

Led and architected a custom Apex-based hierarchical sharing and security engine to accurately provide access to 1.3M distributors of Shaklee, a pioneer direct-selling nutrition company, to their downline data based on complex business rules utilizing every possible asynchronous Apex capability, custom separation-of-concerns Apex code framework, and extensive optimization of queries and processing logic including skinny tables, custom indexes, and carefully optimized Apex code.

Led and architected a cross-cloud lineage solution to provide visibility to 2.3M distributors  of another  prominent direct selling nutrition company to their lineage and contact list, having capability of tagging and geolocation in Salesforce platform utilizing fine tuned data modelling, extensive optimization of queries including skinny tables and custom indexes,  payload analysis and integration with on premise systems (MDM) using APIs, custom separation-of-concerns Apex code framework and carefully optimized Apex code.

Developed web application in Laravel (PHP MVC Framework) with AngularJS and AWS Infrastructure enabling efficient tracking of non-critical citizen incidents among relevant agencies, including interfaces for reporting issues, dispatching request to responsible agencies, delivering service and recording feedback. Used: Laravel (PHP), AngularJS (JS), Amazon (AWS – EC2, S3, RDS, Elastic Load Balancer), MySQL, Git, Nginx, Vagrant, REST.

Developed Dark Crawler web application for supporting web crawling operations in Tor Network including interfaces for initiating crawls from seeding (onion) sites, managing queue and crawls, crawled domains, page statistics, content preview, and bulk keyword

Developed interfaces to construct graphs using crawled data for social network analysis to identity most central dark websites using normalized in-degree, out-degree score and link analysis (differentiating Tor and surface web).

Redesigned database and performed migration from MSSQL to MySQL for the web crawler to reduce costs by using automated tools (Workbench) and writing code in SQL to convert triggers, stored procedures, etc.

Reduced keyword search time by ~90% by integrating full text search engine Sphinx with Dark Crawler web application.

Architect, designed and developed BasicGov Cart and Payment Processing Framework and APIs that enable Government payments to integrate to different Payment Gateways (Bank and Payment Processors) in Cloud faster. Incorporated advanced OOP concepts (ie abstract classes, interfaces, virtual functions, etc) to include a wide range of generic functionalities, but not limited to authentication, session token generation, mode of request (SOAP/REST), Request generation, Response handling and Parsing, cart generation, payable processing, log generation, user notification, etc. Programming Language:  Apex, Visual Force, Database. Infrastructure: Salesforce cloud platform.Repository: Git. Issue Tracker: JIRA. Agile Development: Scrum.

Developed and stabilized BasicGov Letter’s Engine which enables Governments in cloud dynamically generate letters for citizens in bulk quantity. Technology and Programming language: ASP.NET, C#.NET, Apex, Visual Force. Infrastructure: Salesforce and Amazon (AWS EC2, VPC, Elastic Load Balancer ELB, EBS, Cloudwatch, IAM). Repository: Git.Issue Tracker: JIRA.

Developed software to analyze salesforce org source codebase and calculate measurable code metrics including overall test coverage and logical branches for providing better product quality. Technology and Programming language: C#.NET, Salesforce cloud platform. Repository: Git. Issue Tracker: JIRA. Agile Development: Scrum.

Integrated  HP Convenience Pay Services (Payment Processor) with BasicGov Cart and Payment Processing Framework for Department of Public Safety (DPS), Massachusetts using which citizen can request and pay for license and permits. Programming Language: Apex, Visual Force, Jquery, Database. Infrastructure: Salesforce. Project Partner: NTT Data. Issue Tracker: JIRA. Agile Development: Scrum.

Integrated  Monexa Payment Solution (Payment Processor) with BasicGov Cart and Payment Processing Framework for City of Elgin, IL using which citizen can request and pay for license and permits. Programming Language: Apex, Visual Force, Jquery. Infrastructure: Salesforce.  Issue Tracker: JIRA. Agile Development: Scrum.

Integrated  Bank of America (Payment Processor) with BasicGov Cart and Payment Processing Framework for Department of Agriculture, Florida using which citizen can request and pay for license and permits. Programming Language: Apex, Visual Force, Jquery. Infrastructure: Salesforce.  Issue Tracker: JIRA. Agile Development: Scrum.

Developed Water Billing cloud Solution for City of Elgin, IL in collaboration with AssetOptics. Integrated with Monexa for subscription billing services. Programming Language: Apex, Visual Force, Database. Infrastructure: Salesforce.  Issue Tracker: JIRA. Agile Development: Scrum.

Documentation of Basic Cart and Payment API which enable partners and integrators to use BasicGov solutions for other US State Governments. Incorporated class diagram, activity diagram, Sequence diagram, Dependency diagram, flowcard, sample source codes.

Provided training services, project estimates and mentored partners such as : Deloitte  during integration with CBOSS Payment Processor for OHIO state, Aequibrium during integration with US Bank for State of Minnisota.

Developed and launched bilingual (English & French) web application PEO Portal for PEO Canada. Candidates and company administrators (taking PEO Canada services) retrieve and process different job, account specific, etc. information using this application. Integrated with WordPress (using which PEO Canada employee can post bulletin board items), MS Dynamics CRM in Phase 2 (used to hold majority of the client data) and Bond Adapt application in Phase 1. Framework: Spring (Java), Apache Maven. Programming Language: Java, JSP, PHP, C#.NET and JQuery. Web services: SOAP using Apache Axis (Phase 1), REST and SOAP (Phase 2) . Database: MySQL (For wordpress). Gateway: Bond Adapt, MS Dynamics CRM 2013. Repository: Mercurial.

Developed web application DSS-IS Phase 3 for Diversified Staffing Services (DSS) that integrates a number system used by DSS to generate report, perform payroll operations and user administration. Framework: Spring (Java), Hibernate. Programming Language: Java, JSP, Jquery. Database: MSSQL. Repository: Mercurial.

Developed integrated portal for Impact Society to manage all their activities online which includes requisition, volunteer an teacher registration, donor payments , payment gateway, etc. Framework: PHPRum. Programming Language: PHP, Jquery. Database: Mysql. CMS: WordPress . CRM: Salesforce. Payment Web Service: Paypal IPN. Repository: SVN

Developed multi-tier web application for Calgary Interfaith Food Bank to manage inventory and provision food request by clients through call center. Framework: PHPRum, Programming Language: PHP, Jquery. Database: MySQL.

Developed Microsoft SQL Server Adapter and PHP Data Object (PDO) Adapter for MVC Framework PHPRum so that the database abstraction layer can communicate and handle transaction similar to all other database. Framework: PHPRum , Programming Language: PHP, Database: MSSQL and PDO (Mysql and MSSQL) .

Developed application process portal for Calgary Stampede Parade so the entrance application can apply online, officials can process application and execute plans (including parade ordering) for the event. Framework: PHPRum. Programming Language: PHP, JQuery, JQuery Sortable. Database: MySQL.

Developed software “Statistical Toolkit for Software Code Base (STSCB)” to extract software structural design metrics for C/C++ Code Base.
Programming Language: C++, Mablab extention MEX.

Developed software “Automatic Differentiation using determinatin of sparse jacobian matrix(ADDSJM)” as a part of M.Sc thesis project used to provide higher order derivative of mathametical function written as computer program using optimized coloring. Programming Language: C++.

Developed Hosted Checkout interfaces for Calforex Interpay solutions where customers can order and checkout products using payment gateway. Framework: PHPRum. Programming Language: PHP, JQuery. Database: Mysql.

Developed main website for Quantum Downhole systems, a Canadian energy company specified in well production services. Programming Language: PHP, JQuery. CMS: PageLime.

Developed the landing page and initiated online marketing for Crestview sylvan lake, a Calgary based property development company. Programming language: PHP, JQuery. Online Marketing tools: Google Adwords, ActiveConversion, and Keyword Research.

Developed user authentication and e-commerce functionality for Anduro Technologies so that new user can subscribe for one year paying subscription fees. Programming Language: PHP, Payment Gateway: Paypal. Databae: MySQL.
URL: (US) and

Integrating interfaces for Magnetico Sleep so that distributer can manage and complete transaction using wholesale price and clients can use coupons to get discount. CMS: WordPress, Programming Language: PHP

Developed form automation for Calgary Sinus Center so that patients can fill up form online and save them as PDF. Programming Language: PHP, JQuery. PDF Generation: DomPDF. URL:

Integrated customer payment solution for Commerx Corporation so that customers can pay online. Programming Language: PHP, Protocol: SOAP, Payment Gateway: Sage Payments.

Integrated spam protection module for Talon management. Programming Language: Ruby, Database: MysQL.

Troubleshot local server as it was having problem in taking off-site backup to crashplan. Server: CentOS. Offsite Backup Provider: Crashplan.

Troubleshoot VOIP Issues and reported security enhancement required for Kenborek air PBX when their server was hacked. VOIP Server: Elastix, FreePBX, Asterisk. Database: MySQL.

Analyzed and developed deployment plan for new PBX installation for FP iMarketing. Phone system: Panasonic KX-TD1232C digital super hybrid system and Panasonic KX-TVM50 voice processing system.

Troubleshoot a number of bugs and exceptions for DSS-IS Phase 2. Framework: Spring (Java). Programming Language: Java, JSP, JQuery. Database: MSSQL. Repository: Mercurial.

Integrated advanced form validation and visual enhancements for ECIFM, Subzero Heating, Alberta association for immigrant services (AAISA). Programming Language: PHP, Jquery. CMS: WordPress.

Enhanced security for Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse (CASA), Friends of Science, B2Ten, etc by email validation, recaptcha and IP filtering. Programming Language: PHP, Database: MYSQL.

Enhanced and Troubleshoot a number of Content Management System (CMS) issues for Workx Environmental Products, Vantage Engineering, Nuvista Homes, TriWest Capital Partners, Bowen Workforce solutions, Steel Services, etc . Programming Language: PHP. CMS: Modx, WordPress, Custom CMS.

Developed the Billing and Content Management System (CMS) of VOIP provide “Call The World“, Alberta, Canada. (2011-2013). Programming Language: PHP. Database: MySQL

Developed in-house software “PR-PO Tracker” for Orascom Telecom Bangladesh Limited used to manage technical PR (Purchase request)/PO (Purchase order) with the interaction of technical wings and other commercial teams.
Programming Language: PHP, AJAX. Database MySQL

Developed the Content Management System (CMS) and Career of 3rd largest cellular operator AKTEL – TM International (Bangladesh) Limited.
(2008-2010, now renamed as
Programming Language: PHP. Database: MySQL

Developed online Message Bear Selling E-Commerce website. The shopping engine is synchronized with Hongkong Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC), UK for e-transaction and capable to accept all major e-currency.
(2007-2010, now out of business)
Programming Language: ASP.NET, AJAX. Database: Microsoft SQL Server

Implemented low level SOAP module which receives wireless endpoint information for an IP-Roaming project with the Brotecs Technology Team.
Programming Language: C++.

Implemented click to dial option through Enhanced soft switch and other features in Brotecs Customer Relation Management (CRM) software package.
Programming Language: PHP. Database: MySQL
Soft Switch: Asterisk based Enhanced Soft Switch (ESS).

Developed an Assignment Based E-Commerce website.
Programming Language: PHP. Database: MySQL

Developed online music selling e-commerce website centered at Canada with Sakibul Hasan. Audio and video streaming is incorporated with the website.
(2006-2008, now out of business)
Programming Language: PHP. Database: MySQL.

Enhanced the web interface of Brotecs IP Call Center (ICC).
Programming Language: Perl. Database: MySQL.

Worked with G.729 codec to resolve the pass through problem using the Enhanced soft switch.

Developed an automation software name TasReporter for managing TAS (Technical After Sales) activities of Network Quality, Orascom Telecom Bangladesh Limited.
Programming Language: Visual C#.NET. Database: Microsoft Access

Developed Personal Accounting software Trackwallet (Desktop based) which got popular rating in
Available at, softpedia and other software websites. (2006- till now)
Programming Language: Visual C#.NET. Database: Microsoft Access.

Developed IUTBluePAN which initiates a Bluetooth personal area network and supports group conversation. Programming Language: Java. Tools used: Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME)

Developed Product webstite of Trackwallet. Language: HTML, flash, java script

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