A successive article from my previous blog, a Study Guide for the Salesforce Certified Sharing and Visibility Architect Certification 

To obtain your Salesforce Application Architect certification, you must pass the Salesforce Data Architect examination. I am an experienced, Certified Technical Architect and have decided to share and make public my study guide that I used to pass this exam. This is a successive article from my previous blog A study guide for the Salesforce Certified Sharing and Visibility Designer Certification. This study guide has already assisted many of my colleagues and friends to pass the Salesforce Data Architecture and Management designer examination with ease.  This certification exam was the final exam that I passed to gain my Salesforce Application Architect certification.  I sat this examination in 2019, therefor the majority of the content in this study guide is up to date. Join me in my journey as a fellow prospective Certified Technical Architect. 

Available resources for the Salesforce Data Architect Certification examination.

My previous article A study guide for the Salesforce Certified Sharing and Visibility Architect Certification went into detail describing the various useful resources available for styling for your certification, for this reason I will not elaborate too much in this blog. Salesforce trail mix is in my opinion the best resource as it contains the majority of the content you will require for the examination. As previously mentioned, you will have to dedicate a few study hours to go through all the trails, as they can become daunting. The second resource is the focus on force website, this site includes all the essential content in a single place, as carefully curated by the owner. 

My Certified Technical Architect Salesforce Certification Study Guide Overview

To prepare for the Salesforce Data Architect Certification examination, I created a study guide. I accumulated information that is available online in a concise manner to make it easier to work through and obtain the bigger picture. I am an experienced Technical Architect and have experience in working with large volume data within Salesforce. Within in Salesforce I have previously gone up to  40M, for this reason, in this document, I have incorporated a few of my real-life/hands-on experiences and workarounds. I trust this guide will not only help you with your preparation for your Salesforce Data Architecture and Management Designer Certification examination but on a more holistic level when dealing with real-life big data or governance situations.

Included high-level topics:

  • General guidelines for data import and export
  • Data Model design and issues
  • Data loading and configuration strategy
  • Sharing, Ownership, and Lookup Skews for high volume data
  • Query, Search, PK chunking and Indexing
  • Data extraction, archival and backups
  • Lightning Platform APIs (SOAP, REST, Bulk, Streaming)
  • Strategy for improving Data quality
  • Techniques for optimizing performance
  • Field Audit Trail
  • Best practices for large data volume
  • Salesforce Anti-pattern
  • Data Governance
  • Master data management (MDM)
  • Analytics

As an experienced Certified Technical Architect, I strongly advice that you prioritize the following topics:

  • Data Governance
  • Performance and tuning
  • Metadata management

Supplementary Reading on Salesforce Architect Sharing Features

I recently presented at the Cactusforce 2020 , during my presentation, I spoke through all the options for external user visibility and its’ impact on high volume data. During this session, I dove deep into the topic of how the account relationship works and what takes place in the backend. A few of the design considerations included how much time it takes for sharing recalculation of large volume data and how much salesforce can afford. I highly recommend viewing the recording of the session. This recording can be found here.

Find your free download of my Salesforce Data Architect Certification Study Guide here 

Feel free to download the study guide for the Salesforce Data Architect Certification Examination here. 

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