I am contributing my study guide to aid those in pursuit of their Salesforce Application Architect Certification

Are you on a journey of obtaining your Salesforce Application Architect Certification? To obtain this certification, you need to pass your Sharing and Visibility Designer Salesforce Certification exam. I am an experienced, Salesforce Certified Application Architect and have decided to share and make public my study guide that I used to pass the Sharing and Visibility Designer Salesforce Certification exam. I passed this exam in 2018 and will be expanding on the original study guide in this blog post. I trust my resources will help you with your Salesforce Certified Application Architect journey.

Available resources for the Sharing and Visibility Designer Salesforce Certification exam

It is important to note that there are several useful resources for studying for your certification. If you’re still unsure whether this journey is for you, you read up on more details regarding Salesforce Architects here. The first one we will refer to is the Salesforce Trailhead ,as this resource will contain the majority of the content you will require for the examination. You will have to dedicate  numerous study hours to go through all the trails, as they can become daunting. The second resource we will discuss is the focus on force website. This website is super useful for the Sharing and Visibility Designer Salesforce Certification exam, this site includes all the essential content in a single place, as carefully curated by the owner. Keep in mind that this site is a paid service and there have been complaints that your content expires after a specific time. Please remain aware that the materials are categorized and placed in separate web pages; this makes it harder whilst you are trying to search, revise, or study from this site. Lastly, a word of caution, if you are planning to prepare for the Certified Technical Architect (CTA) whilst attempting to grasp the bigger picture of the contents of all these certifications, this segregation of materials for a single examination does not help.

My Salesforce Sharing and Visibility Designer Study Guide Overview

To prepare for the Sharing and Visibility Designer Salesforce Certification exam, I created a study guide. I accumulated information that is available online in a concise manner to make it easier to work through and obtain the bigger picture. A few topics are detailed and help to address challenging questions found in the exam. Within Groundswell, I am the Subject Matter Expert (SME) for sharing and visibility, for this reason, in this document, I have incorporated a few of my real-life/hands-on experiences and workarounds. This study guide could also be useful for preparing for your Certified Technical Architect examination as well.  My colleagues have found my Study Guide very helpful and I trust is will help you with your preparation for your Salesforce Certified Technical  Architect (CTA) exam too.

Included high-level topics:
  • Force.com Security
  • Sharing Architecture
  • Territory Management
  • Account and Opportunity Teams
  • Understanding Sharing – Managed, User and Apex Sharing
  • Group Membership Operations and Sharing Calculations
  • Out of the box component visibility
  • Record level sharing for Enterprise scale
  • High Volume Data Considerations
  • Record locking and Skews
  • Classic and Shield Encryption
  • Data Leak Prevention
  • RunAs Context
  • Application Security Risks
  • Storing Sensitive Data

Recent Salesforce Sharing and Visibility Features

The Account Relationship data-sharing rule was introduced in Spring 2019 and released by Salesforce. Therefore, it is not included in this study guide. I recently presented at the Cactusforce 2020 and talked through all the options for external user data sharing. During this session, I dove deep into the topic of how the account relationship works and what takes place in the backend of Salesforce infrastructure. I highly recommend viewing the recording of the session. This recording can be found here.

Find your free download of my Salesforce Certified Sharing and Visibility designer Study Guide here

You can download the study guide for Salesforce Certified Sharing and Visibility designer from here. Please let me know if you any questions, I will be glad to help you out.

Details on the author

Tahsin Zulkarnine is a qualified and experienced Technical Architect at Groundswell Cloud Solutions. Groundswell is a premier systems integrator and a silver partner of Salesforce. Tahsin Zulkarnine is a renowned Certified Cloud Architect in both the Salesforce and AWS domains. Within Groundswell, Tahsin is the Subject Matter Expert (SME) of code architecture and data security (sharing and visibility). Tahsin is an experienced Certified Cloud Architect with over 12 years of experience in architecting, leading, and developing scalable, high-performance web and cloud solutions. Tahsin also holds expertise in enterprise design patterns and is a generous contributor to the open-source financial force library. Tahsin holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science, specializing in software architecture that was obtained from the University of Lethbridge. Tahsin currently holds seven various Salesforce Certifications including Salesforce Certified Application Architect and he is also an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate.

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